Intentional Conversation

Exhibit A: “Hey, how are ya?”

Exhibit B: “Hey, Good Morning!”

Exhibit A: “Good!”

Ok, what just happened here. This is a conversation that actually happened not to long ago. Here is what I observed. Exhibit A was doing the usual “drive-by convo” while Exhibit B was responding as a reaction but didn’t even answer the question of Exhibit A. But wait, the funniest part about the whole thing is that Exhibit A proceeds to answer a question about how they were without even being asked.

You can see this happening around you everyday, all day long. People interact with one another to be seen interacting but don’t have any desire to actual “see how they are.” It is so important to be intensional with your interaction with people. Ask yourself this question…Is it better to (A) speak to everyone at a dinner party or (B) engage with a few individuals past a surface level where they would just lie to you anyways about how they are? I understand many will disagree with me but face it, how may people that tell you they are doing good are actually doing awful? Is it about social status to you? I know some individuals who genuinely engage with everyone they make eye contact with but I also know some people who will look right through you to the next person or to their task (I’ve done that myself, feels awful looking back on it).

Where do I stand? I answer (B). I understand that you have to say hello to people to avoid being rude, but try to make it a point to actually know what you’re asking someone and also answering their questions correctly rather than with your generic answer.

This is a touchy subject…I understand. What to take away from it? Don’t be superficial. If you can’t engage at that very moment because of time or schedule, say, “Hey, I want to visit with you. Let’s get together soon!” It will mean more than, “Hey, How are you? Good!”

3 thoughts on “Intentional Conversation

  1. Wes says:

    I wonder what would happen if more people had intentional conversations at church? I know that’s crazy talk. Just a thought…..

  2. Jane says:

    Yea, during the greeting time at church this happens a lot. I feel guilty doing it, but I also feel guilty not greeting everyone around me. I want to instead start greeting one, or two if time permits, and ask them, “How are you REALLY doing???? What’s going on in your life right now?????”

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